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LAQC Changes 3

The May 2010 Budget contained some initial indications of what to expect from the changes to the LAQC rules.  The law has now been finalised, and introduces look through companies (“LTCs”) as a new concept. This short update points out some

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GST Zero Rating Land

GST on the sale of land between registered persons is being reduced from 15% to 0%. What are the transitional rules that registered persons should be aware of?

The rules relating to GST on the supply of land between registered …

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LAQC Changes 2

The May 2010 Budget contained some initial indications of what to expect from the changes to the QC and LAQC rules.  In this short youtube video Sybrand van Schalkwyk discusses at a very high level the issues to consider and

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LAQC Changes 1

QC and LAQC Reforms – New Announcement by the Minister of Revenue?

Most readers will know of the changes to the QC and LAQC regimes foreshadowed in the May 2010 Budget.  The details announced in the the Budget were very brief.…

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Tax Issues From the Canterbury Earthquake?

Please refer to our New Zealand Lawyers Articles for a post on important tax issues surrounding the earthquake…

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GST Rate Change Rule

What are the transitional rules for the GST rate increase if I account for GST on a payments basis?

What are the transitional rules for moving to the 15% GST rate in New Zealand from 1 October 2010 if you …

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New Zealand Foreign Trusts

What is a New Zealand Exempt Trust?

New Zealand Exempt Trusts, or NZETs for short, are an international wealth management tool, and can be useful in many situations. NZETs are available to settlers who are not New Zealand resident. This article gives …

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GST Domestic Reverse Change

Is a GST Domestic Reverse Charge a Good Idea?

GST is a hazardous tax, not only for taxpayers, but also for the Government. Unlike income tax, the Government has a commitment to refunding GST, and this part of the GST mechanism …

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Income Splitting

Income Splitting Issues Paper Released

On 11 December 2009 the Government released an issues paper on income splitting. The paper fleshed out the UnitedFuture proposal, which has support from the Government to first reading as part of the coalition agreement.

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Donations To Charities

Claiming Tax Credits on Donations to Charities supporting Overseas Causes

Many New Zealand based charities also support overseas causes – this is often a result of donations being “ear-marked” by donors as being for support of a particular overseas-based person or purpose.  Although …

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