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Commercial Leases – Changes to the Standard Terms

The ADLS (Auckland District Law Society) Deed of Lease is the document most commonly utilised for commercial tenancies. An updated version (6th edition) has recently been released.…

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Is my Will binding in all circumstances?

Many people do not realise that a Will, even if signed correctly, can still be challenged after a person dies.…

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Does a family trust protect my home against relationship property claims?

You may have heard that trusts are a good protector of homes against relationship property claims. Indeed they may be – but they are not watertight protection. There are various ways that a trust can be attacked. It is therefore …

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EQC is repairing my home – what am I entitled to?

1. What is the extent of EQC’s obligations?

If you are insured with EQC, your home is secured against damage caused by natural disaster for its “replacement value” (generally up to a maximum of $100,000 plus GST).…

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Buying A Retirement Village Unit

Retirement villages are becoming an increasingly popular choice for older New Zealanders who wish to take advantage of the security and flexibility of the lifestyle on offer.  Parry Field Lawyers offer legal advice on a range of property matters including

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Canceling A Lease

New Zealand’s Property Law Act 2007 (the Act) sets out rules for landlords wanting to cancel leases that their tenants have breached.  The landlord must follow a specified process before they can cancel the lease.  The process involves first giving notice and

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Signing Conditional Real Estate Contracts

Do I need legal advice before signing an agreement to buy real estate?

You may have noticed that on the back page of the standard form Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate there are recommendations to seek professional …

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