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Commercial Leases – Changes to the Standard Terms

The ADLS (Auckland District Law Society) Deed of Lease is the document most commonly utilised for commercial tenancies. An updated version (6th edition) has recently been released.…

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Consumer Law Changes – Is Your Business Ready?

The Consumer Law Reform Bill (“the Bill”) contains significant changes to New Zealand consumer laws, and will affect a wide range of businesses. At this stage it looks like it will come into force in or about October 2013, although …

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Company Liquidation and Voidable Payments

When a New Zealand company goes into liquidation, the liquidator can ask its creditors to refund payments they received prior to the liquidation. Parry Field Lawyers provide advice designed to help creditors avoid this risk.

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How To Collect Unpaid Debts

Business is hard enough work without having to worry about how to collect unpaid debt. Parry Field Lawyers offer legal assistance on a range of commercial matters including streamlining your debt collection process.

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How To Improve Cashflow Using Payment Terms and Conditions

Many small businesses struggle with cashflow due to slow paying customers. Often customers choose to move bills from small businesses to the back of the pile, and pay other bills first.  Well drafted terms and conditions of trade can turn

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How To Manage Business Risk Using Terms and Conditions of Trade

What risks should my terms and conditions of trade cover?

Your terms and conditions should address a range of issues that create risk for your company. For most businesses, these include risk of:

  • unpaid debts;
  • incurring liability for negligence or

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How To Manage Business Risk Using Terms and Conditions of Trade

Many businesses operate without clear written terms and conditions of trade.  Services are provided and goods are supplied without any clear record of who will cover the cost if something goes wrong. Taking the time to prepare clear and reasonable

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What To Look For In A Commercial Lease – Guidelines For Tenants

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

For most small businesses, your lease will be one of your most important contractual documents.  Get it wrong and the profitability of your business may be seriously affected.  Even so it

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Time Limits For Court Proceedings

New Zealand law imposes time limits on suing other people.  These time limits often trip people up, and prevent them bringing what would otherwise have been strong claim. Parry Field Lawyers provide legal advice on a range of commercial matters

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Changes In 2009 In the District Courts

In November 2009, Parliament implemented significant changes to the claim process in New Zealand’s District Courts.  The aim of the changes is to simplify the claim process, reduce the cost of litigation, and bring relevant information to light quickly to

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